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Sep 27, 2009

Google Blog Award for W/E 03-October-2009

Voting is now CLOSED, for this weeks award winner, please vote for your favorite Blog or Website at the current voting poll week.

This weeks Google Blog Award Winner is:
The Patton Doctrine
Click on the Winners LINK-
The Patton Doctrine

Your Voting Tallies were as follows:
Patton Doctrine = 4 Votes
Love Those Japanese Girls = 1 Vote
Total Votes Cast = 5

From - The Blog Guy:
This authenticates that -
The Patton Doctrine
is a legitimate award winner and has the right to post the award to their Blog/Site.

If there are NO Votes, I will select a Blog or Website for next weeks award.


The Daily Gun Picture said...

I would like to cast my vote for-
Patton Doctrine


I like this guys style, lots of pictures and not much blah blah blah.

Ed Hurley said...

I voted for this Blog last week, and I am voting for this blog now:

Patton Doctrine


Ya Ya said...

I cam go along with this trend, I cast my vote for the
Patton Doctrine

The Daily Q.A. (The Professor) said...

My vote is also for

Patton Doctrine


Love Japanese Girls said...

Hey I am voting for myself...

Love Those Japanese Girls

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