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Aug 29, 2010

Voting is now OPEN, Vote for your favorite Blog or Website here now.

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If there are NO Votes, I will select a Blog or Website for next weeks award.

You can only VOTE once per week.
Yes you may Vote for yourself.
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Previous Winners List:
My Funny Accident Result
Homeowner Association Rant
Who Sucks
Natures Way
How To Piss Off Your Neighbor
Yo Mommy Jokes
Rate A Blog
The Daily Insult
My Sperm Deposit
Diaries of a Janitor
Jacks Recipes
Just Who Farted
America versus Islam
Fuzzy Bear Says
Banned Toys
Bizarre Foods
All Realtors Suck
Just for Men
I Hate Cats
When Dad's in Charge
Animals Fornicating
Why Men Die Before Women
You Maybe A Redneck If
Stop The Illegal Invasion
The Anti P.E.T.A. Blog
Unique Car Productions
Cartoon Daily
Condom Facts
Funny Dog Stories
Impeach President Obama
Uses For Duck Tape
War Stories
We Wont Take It Anymore
Political Voodoo Doll
The Guy From America
Armed Babes
Bad Santa Claus
USMC, Disabled American Vet
The Daily QA
The Reformed Hooker
Funny Daily Jokes
Selling Out The USA
Ladies with Humor
Funny Head Stones
Just How Stupid
The Patton Doctrine
Daily Gun Pictures
Daily Sign Post

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